My Video Channel

This section is intended to share with you the video recordings of various online presentations on a variety of themes relative to the inquiry around Krishnamurti’s life and teachings. In some instances, the videos will document single events and in other cases they will cover whole seminars and workshops unfolding a particular subject over several days. It is also my intent to provide an ongoing series of reflections specifically made for this channel. To that end, I am already working on a couple of series, one exploring Krishnamurti’s approach to education and the other consisting on an extensive exposition on the meaning and practice of dialogue. But the most likely source of themes will probably be the ongoing series of online dialogues I am currently holding with friends in Spain, on the West Coast of the US and Canada, and here in The Netherlands. This is a rich field of exploration that, in my view, deserves a wider audience. I can only hope that among these explorations you will find something that speaks to you and that proves helpful in your own inquiry in our joint and universal quest for meaning.

The Course

The intent of the course is to take Krishnamurti’s teachings as a mirror in which our humanity is compassionately and insightfully reflected in an attempt to see and understand ourselves and thereby become fully responsible for our lives.


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