The Book of Yourself

“The understanding of yourself, however painful or passing, is the beginning of wisdom”

The Course

The intent of the course is to take Krishnamurti’s teachings as a mirror in which our humanity is compassionately and insightfully reflected in an attempt to see and understand ourselves and thereby become fully responsible for our lives.

‘The Book of Yourself’ is an online course that explores the scope and depth of our human condition through a close study of
J. KRISHNAMURTI’s teachings.

The Book of Yourself course consists of a series of 14 thematic chapters.

Chapter 1: Krishnamurti’s biography and teachings.
Chapter 2: The art of living
Chapter 3: Nature and causes of disorder and conflict
Chapter 4: Violence and the quest for peace.
Chapter 5: Life, relationship and action.
Chapter 6: Love, attachment and the search for security.
Chapter 7: You are the world.
Chapter 8: Nature and content of consciousness.
Chapter 9: Thought, time and self.
Chapter 10: Conditioning and freedom.
Chapter 11: Becoming and the ending of time.
Chapter 12: Meditation and the religious mind.
Chapter 13: Beauty, intelligence and compassion.
Chapter 14: Death, creation and the sacred.

In keeping with the self-reflective nature of the course, the chapters are intended to be as interactive as possible. They will consist of an extensive live online presentation, in which a short video clip of K on the theme might also be included, followed by a dialogue or Q & A. As preparation, the participants are expected to read through the set of texts covering the given topics as well as the Power Point summaries. They should also, ideally, access the audio-visual material corresponding to each chapter. The presentations will take place via Zoom link according to the course schedule. All the material provided and the presentations and dialogues will be in English.

What is The Book of Yourself course?

The Book of Yourself Course is an extensive exploration of the core aspects of our human condition. This exploration is based on the perception that as human beings we embody the universal history of mankind and that it is through understanding this history, this conditioning, that we may bring about a profound transformation in our consciousness and in the world.

For whom is this course intended?

This course is intended for anyone who is concerned with the pervasive state of fragmentation in the world, is aware of his/her responsibility in relation to it and, consequently, sees the need for deepening their own self-understanding. As the course centres on self-knowledge, those whose orientation lies along these lines may benefit specially from taking this course.

What does the programme include?

K’s teachings were not intended as a mere system of ideas or as an esoteric import from the East but as a mirror of the truth that each of us must find out for him/herself. That mirroring of ourselves will be the central purpose of our study, the central point being to see and understand ourselves as we actually are and thereby learn to take full responsibility for our lives.

Course curriculum

Krishnamurti’s biography and teachings. The art of living. Nature and causes of disorder and conflict. Violence and the quest for peace. Life, relationship and action. Love, attachment and the search for security. You are the world. Nature and content of consciousness. Thought, time and self. Conditioning and freedom. Becoming and the ending of time. Meditation and the religious mind. Beauty, intelligence and compassion. Death, creation and the sacred.

Javier Gómez Rodríguez

Meet your presenter

Javier was born in Spain. In his mid-teens he came across the work of  J. Krishnamurti (K) and was instantly struck by its wholeness and ‘ring of truth’. From 1975-1978 he was a student at Brockwood Park, the school K had founded in England in 1969.

After completing a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in Spanish Language and Literature in the US, in 1990 he returned to Brockwood as a teacher. There he met up with K’s close associate David Bohm and actively engaged with him in the exploration of his dialogue proposal, one of the most creative approaches to self-knowledge and transformation in a group setting.



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How you can support my work:
Your kind support makes it possible to continue to dedicate myself to the dissemination and study of Krishnamurti’s teachings and to the fundamental inquiry into our universal human condition and its needful transformation.

“As former participants of Javier’s The Book of Life course on Krishnamurti’s life and work, we felt a strong need to commit ourselves to forming a course group from our own circle of friends. We had to fight for it, but we succeeded. Between the end of May/beginning of June we were able to get to work with 8 participants. And we might do it again this fall. Javier has the flexibility to reduce his program – originally consisting of 10 bi-weekly meetings – to 8 consecutive half-days (including weekends). The intensity of this brought with it special experiences, and it gave Javier wings. As good as he already was, he now showed so much more. This was pure excellence”


Connie & Onno (on The Book of Life Retreat, NL June 2021

“This last visit I have had a most extraordinary time. I found that the dialogues were very challenging, and enjoyed being in a large group where I could observe how we all react and relate. At the end, though, I felt that we were only just approaching the deeper issues, and felt bereft when I had to leave yesterday. Our facilitator, Javier, was brilliant. He was highly attuned to our ever-evolving dynamic, and he was at once knowledgable and sensitive. I appreciated his compassion and kindness.”



Sandi Robertson (on retreat at the Krishnamurti Study Centre, UK, on the theme of loneliness, November 2019)


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