Another sacred morning,

Another sacred day,

With widening horizons

And journeys without end.

Another sacred cycle

Of burning love and light,

Of providence in sparrows,

Compassion and delight.

Another sacred passage

Whose transience is the true,

Where death has no dominion

For everything is new.

Where beauty shines and sparkles

From raindrops on the leaves

That send their purest rainbows

To symbolise their peace.

Where lovers feel contented

With knowing they exist,

For they have gleaned in dreaming

What they know deep within.

Where work is its salvation

And knowledge serves the good,

Where kindness is redemption

And heals our hidden wounds.

The blooms of grass are waving

Their golden sacred plumes

In breezes slow and gentle

Against the growing gloom.

The sun pours down its blessing

And sanctifies the crowns

Where sea-born winds are playing

Their oceanic sounds.

The clouds themselves are drifting

In cotton puffs along

And green moss swells enchanted

Between the cobblestones.

You hear the children playing,

You hear the geese in flight

And cherish the contemplation

Of throbbing and timeless life.

The ivy keeps sending signals,

The brightness is its own joy

And beings don’t need a reason

For Being is what they know.

Creation has lost its distance,

The past has been wiped away

And time is a single instant

Whose measure knows no decay.

The clocks chime away the hours,

The news tell of gain and loss,

But mind is no longer streaming

The network of reflex thought.

The glee has become the insect

That dances in the sunbeam,

Like us who now brim with passion

At being with all that is.

The moss is now green and fluffy

Between the grey patio bricks

And shines with the grace of children

Whose laughter is in the trees.

There’s soughing among the branches,

There’s singing in the blue dome,

Where astral celestial choirs

Intone their light orisons.

All causes possess a meaning

And rivers must meet the sea,

There’s always some needful motive

To wind up our fantasy.

Except when there’s no division

Between beginning and end,

As in this bright sacred morning

Of purposeless innocence…

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