An Overview of Dialogue: This booklet offers a comprehensive summary of the approach to dialogue that developed out of the confluence of the meeting between J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm. It weaves together what they said about communication and thinking together and the transformative potential of such group inquiry. It draws mostly on David Bohm’s dialogue proposal, but it includes a good deal of Krishnamurti’s insights into language, questioning and thought. The basic idea is to bring across the significance and urgency of such a dialogue and to provide a coherent understanding of the process in order to facilitate its implementation by anyone concerned with the pervasive state of fragmentation in the world. 



Even as a young boy I became aware that many of our human problems had a lot to do with our difficulties in communication. Communication was essential not only to prevent and dissolve the inevitable misunderstandings and to bring about the needful social cooperation, but also to establish right relation-ship among people. Such communication was not only a useful tool to bring about order in the outer dimension but it was just as important in terms of maintaining a quality of inward sanity. The pervasive factors of authority and its coercive social pressures became internalized and led to the establishment of a similar inner hierarchical system in the field of consciousness. And just as in relationship authority was a denial of intelligence, sensitivity and love, so was it inwardly a source of division and conflict. The resulting general state of fragmentation not only left one with the feeling that it was impossible to talk openly and rationally with other people but that one’s own mind and heart were riddled with contradictions that undermined one’s integrity as a human being. Given such a state of affairs, it is no wonder that some of us would then set out on a lifelong search for meaning.







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